Their first single ‘Sometimes’, produced by Benjamin Desmet (from SX), was released in 2018. With a corresponding music clip, provided by production house Skladanowsky. After this, things went very fast and ‘Sometimes’ was playlisted many times on Spotify. 

With more than 130,000 streams as a result. Mainly from France, Germany, UK, NL, Poland, Belgium, ... 


In 2019 they signed their first debut EP at 62 Tv Records. It’s a 5 track EP produced by Luuk Cox (from Shameboy) and recorded at the ICP Studios in Brussels. The first single will be “Future Isles”, release date: 22/8/2019. The single previously had airplay on NRJ and entered the top 40 among other major national and international artists and stayed more than 8 weeks. Keep your eyes open!


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