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Can I send you my demo?

We have an open demo policy. We look forward to listening to music from and by fans of our roster. That being said, we do have some guidelines. 

1. We are not interested to sign bands that sound exactly like someone on our roster. We want good songs, energy, performance and potential. 
2. We don’t care where you live or how old you are but we need our bands to play live. 

Here’s how to send them to us.

1. The best way is to send your 2 or 3 favorite mp3’s to
2. The 2nd best way is a link to a SoundCloud, BandCamp, etc. or a YouTube vid if you’re extra ambitious and made a DiY video.

Please Don’t :

1. Don’t send us something to download. We will not download any materials. Mp3 attachments are streamable, please don’t attach m4a’s!
2. Do not send large files like .wav’s or .aiff’s. We can tell if we like it as an mp3, trust us.
3. Don’t send a physical demo, it is expensive for you.


Be patient. We give some opinions or encouragement when we have time, but if you don’t hear from us, assume we’re not interested. Don’t let that discourage you from finding another label or trying again later!

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