M. Ward

Duets for Guitars #2 and End of Amnesia (1999–2001)

Ward's solo debut, Duet for Guitars #2, was released by Co-Dependent Records in 1999, then re-issued by Howe Gelb's Ow Om record label in 2000. Described by Joshua Klein of Pitchfork as "ragged and lo-fi...recorded on a shoestring and not necessarily worse for it," Duet for Guitars #2 soon went out of print for a second time, before being reissued by Merge in 2007.

Ward's second album, End of Amnesia, was put out by Future Farmer Records and Loose Music (Europe) in 2001. In a retrospective review, Ryan Kearney of Pitchfork compares the album to a contemporary band, Sparklehorse, saying that "both Linkous and Ward are country- and folk-influenced artists who scratch unavoidable, but nominally disruptive marks on the traditional blueprint." Sparklehorse had released It's a Wonderful Life to critical acclaim earlier in the year.

A collection of live recordings, Live Music & The Voice of Strangers, was a self-released disc that was sold at his shows in 2001.


End Of Amnesia


Scene From #12


Duet For Guitars #2

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