Loïc B.O.

There was this band called Flexa Lyndo, back in march 2008 the members decided to take a break after a 3-year tour to promote an album titled « Slow Club »(released in the Benelux, France and Japan). Well there was no other way, everybody was tired and a bit lost, the recording equipment of the band was packed in boxes waiting to be moved from this old house that had been their musical lab based in Namur for ten years then, this house was for sale.

At that time, the 3 founding members of the band (Loïc, Gaël, Gaëtan, all turned 30) were hesitating about  calling it quit. Pretty understandable, Flexa Lyndo is seen as the grand fathers of the walloon rock scene (one of the first bands to tour abroad, that was played on the radio – even in Flanders – at a time when very few artists from the french speaking community of Belgium had access to media...

After 15 years playing music ( for the 4 last years  it was really a full time job for them), with 3 albums and fistful of EPs, hundreds of gigs between their studies, various dayjobs (from washing dishes to university research), side projects like MOW (electro duo with Gaël and Gaëtan, that gave birth to the digital collective  « Anteloop » and musical installations like « Musicomaton ») or Bambi Kramer (electro duo with Loïc and Marie, the female voice in Flexa Lyndo), and the other musical collective called (F.L.A.M.E., with a line up of more than 20 people!), every flexa lyndo member decided to take a break.

But Loïc found it hard to watch it from afar…. On the contrary he still had some kind of rage inside, and seeing his complicated relationship with music, he’s asking for more, but this time it will be him all alone. In may he grabbed some boxes with the band’s equipment and set up a little studio at his parents’ house where he grew up. He recorded 20 songs in a month, and he decided to let the whole thing cool down a little for some weeks with no music at all. When he got back to these demos, he realized he was on the verge of creating a very personal piece of music...


Millions Dreams (CD)

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