Fonda 500

They don't sound like an ordinary band because they are not !

Fonda 500: Immediate power pop songs driven by cheap keyboards and very special stage presence; black smurfs with overclocked synthesisers toyguns and furious pop melodies with efficient lalalas blasting together in harmony... 
...their live sets are highly remembered : turning himself into a giant mountain panda with the simple use of a silly hat, the singer keeps the good groove together 5 double "o" style !
Messy like stereolab on speed but remixed with catchy Flaming Lips and the best song of the Rentals, Fonda500 will be the best band of the world for you tonight and forever.

More names?
Let's call them Bizarro Beastie/Beach Boys having a drink with catchy Super Furry Animals while Mercury Rev on caffeine dances on the tables...

Make up your own mind.


Je m'Appelle Stereo

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